Ahhh change.

It’s hard. It’s good. It’s exciting. It’s happening all the time. And…

It’s scary.

Yup. Change can be super-duper scary.

But, scary change is some of the best change to experience.

Scary change holds the potential to liberate you.








It makes you stronger.

And, it teaches you to trust— yourself and the universe — more than you ever have before.

If you are experiencing scary change right now, here’s three tips that can help you move through it with greater ease.

1. Talk about it.
Tell your trusted friends how scared you are. Tell spirit. Tell your therapist. Bring your fear out into the open. Get to know it. What does it look like? Feel like? How does your fear talk to you? What stories does it use to petrify you? Are they even true? When we keep our fear hidden it gets larger and more persistent.

2. Take baby steps.
Fear can create a kind of paralysis in your body and mind and make you feel stuck. Ask yourself what baby steps you can take to move yourself forward towards what you desire. Scary change doesn’t have to happen all at once. One step at a time, one day at a time, you will slowly walk through the fear and change.

3. Connect with your essential support and the support networks in your life.
Sit down on the ground, breathe deeply and feel the steady, stable force of Mother Earth beneath you. Stand up and connect with the strength of your own two legs. Feel the density of their bones and how they hold you up. As you do this affirm, “I’m supported.” What other essential support do you have in your life? Friends? Family? A therapist or teacher? You don’t have to go at it all by yourself. Seek out the help from others in addition to connecting to your own embodied sense of physical support.

Here’s an affirmation to further support you through scary change:
“I invoke the powers of the universe, of the great spirit, right here, right now, to stand beside me at this time of intense fear. Please hold my hand. Guide me. Help me feel courageous at this time of change. And so it is.”

May you change always for the better.
In light,

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