You know how true this is.

You need to take care of yourself first. The more you do it consciously the better everything in your life goes.

Including your business.

Am I right?

Today’s post is really just a reminder to you – take care of yourself!

What can you do today that will be self-nurturing?

Sometimes I just lay down for 10 minutes and do nothing but breathe.

Here are some of my other favorite “me-time” activities:

Take a hot epson salt bath, walk in nature, get a massage, paint my nails, read a good novel, bake my favorite treat, attend a yoga class….

Don’t work yourself to death.

Last year I gave myself a whole month off.

I had to catch up! It had been years since I had taken more than a week off of work.

It was amazing and SUPER transformation. In fact, it triggered a huge repattering of my psyche. I’m still integrating it all.

This year – my goal is two months.

But in the mean time… I’m doing mini-self-care treatments.

Everyday I do something just for me – for my well-being.

I need to unplug from work… it rejuvenates me and allows me to do my work better.

I think this may be the same case for you.

So let me know – what are you doing for YOU today? Leave me a note in the comments.

May you always find time for you.

In light,


(Today’s post is Day 11 of the 15 Days To Freedom Blog Challenge. It’s kinda fun! Check it out if you are a blogger.)

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