Hey there!

This is the first of many videos where I’ll be offering a short energy clearing meditation answering a specific question submitted by one of YOU!

Today’s Vlog is in response to an email I received asking:

“I need clearing around why money is stuck right now. Willing and ready to go deep on it too!”

Well here ya go!

In this video I offer energy clearing that will address three areas that when blocked can impact our flow of money.

1. Self-worth

2. Visibility

3. Owning with confidence our creator given gifts, strengths and talents and sharing them with the world.

Watch the video now if you are ready to let go and starting having more flow!

In light,


P.S. Do you have a question/issue that you’d like to do some energy clearing around? Shoot me an email at shine@amypatee.com and I may create an energy clearing video just for you in the future!

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