Hello fellow Starseeds!

You’ll be seeing me use this word – Starseeds – a lot more in the coming months.

It’s a way for me to call in my tribe – the women who I want to connect with and share my offerings with across the world-wide web.

My definition of a Starseed:

A person who holds the desire and life intention to be the light.

I could elaborate, but I’m keeping it simple today.

Does this resonate with you?

Do you hold the desire to be the light?

Does that statement confuse you or hit home?

If it hits home – you are a carrier of light – a Starseed – and I am thrilled that you are HERE NOW.

In the near future I’ll be developing and sharing creative resources to support you on your journey – tools and inspiration to help you live as light in this dense world (yup, that’s my new focus and slogan).

We are constantly evolving. As an entrepreneur, this means my business focus continues to transform as I grow as well.

Although I’m in the brainstorming phase in regards to what offerings I will be launching and when – I have committed to providing a weekly meditation recording/video. Guiding meditations are one of my favorite things to share.

This week’s focus is on the heart. The meditation will help you connect more deeply to your own heart, call it back to you if you’ve given it away, fill it up if it’s depleted and heal any other heart wounds that may be ready for healing. All-in-all this meditation will help your heart blossom into it’s wholeness.

Download the audio recording of it here if you’d like. You can upload it to your iTunes and have it as a resource forever that way. Or practice along to the video below.

May you always know who you truly are.

In light,


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