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Alchemize = to transmute, make over, metamorphose

Many Starseeds are natural alchemists.

They enter “situations” and can see the culmination of the past in the present moment.

They can also see the potentiality of the future. This is the key to alchemy – one must be be able to visualize and hold space for the highest expression of any “situation” to develop without fail, doubt or attachment to a specific “outcome”. In doing so, positive transformation ensues.

The other day I met with a woman to brainstorm about the marketing direction of a business. As we sat and talked I realized we were alchemizing together to uplift the current state of the business.


1. Had no agenda for the outcome.

It can be easy to enter a situation and say, “well, this is how it should be done.” But to truly be an alchemist you must surrender your logical sense, pause your thinking mind and be open to the creative flow of intelligence. You must be visionary. If you enter a situation and think you already know the answer, alchemy will not occur.

2. Listened attentively to each other.

To be an alchemist you must be more interested in listening then speaking or doing. You must be willing to empty yourself out (especially your mind) so you can take in the “situation” 100%. As you synthesize the incoming information it will trigger an organic mix of energy, symbols, feelings, sensations, visions and thoughts that offer the revelation of wholeness. You don’t create these symbols, feelings, thoughts, etc., they come to you. They arise out of nothingness, openness and the surrender of agenda.

3. Plugged into a divine source of energy and inspiration

Our individual minds have limitations. They think and function habitually based on past experiences. The Universal (Divine) mind, however, is unlimited. When you seek out the highest expression of anything – a business, a person’s health, your financial state – which would you rather be plugged into?

Everyone experiences the Divine mind uniquely. For me, I feel it as a field of energy that I access most efficiently through the crown of my head. When I consciously connect I feel a beam of light extend from my crown into the heavens. This connection keeps me open to higher guidance. Of course, I forget about it often and try to think my way through life. But that’s the hard way! When I remember I’m connected – life gets easier, I feel in the flow and I absolutely trust the unfolding of each moment.

4. Desired only the best for the business

For alchemy to take place, there must be a sincere desire for the highest expression of whatever you are working with to emerge. You must want the best – for the person, the business, the animal, your finances, your relationships, etc.

If you are a Starseed – chances are you are a natural alchemist. You might be activating positive transformation in the world around you without even knowing it. However, alchemy can be consciously performed as well.

Next time you desire the resolution of a dilemma or an improvement in an area of your life – consider how you can fulfill that desire through alchemy. Take yourself through the above steps, add your own ingredients and share your results in the comments!

May you remember that you are an alchemist, the power of the universe is on your side and the highest expression of YOU is desired by the Divine.

In light,


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