Hi Starseeds!

How are you transitioning into fall?

Already the days are growing shorter and I find myself wanting to crawl in bed to read at 8pm. That hibernation feeling is growing and with it the potential to go deeply inward.

But are you ready? Are you willing?

Going inward means we must meet all of ourselves and this isn’t always comfortable. Sometimes we meet the sad part of ourselves. Sometimes we meet the fearful or lonely parts. . . the parts that we’ve tried our best to avoid.

But, as the saying goes – what you resist, persists.

So, my recommendation? Dive in – but do so with the most self-love and acceptance that you can conjure up!

Anger dissolves in the presence of deep love.

Sadness resolves in the presence of true acceptance.

Darkness disappears when light shines upon it.

As I mentioned in last week’s email – September is a big month of energetic transformation. If you are feeling a lot of shifts and they’re uncomfortable – turn to love, turn to self-acceptance. Today’s meditation (click on image below to view it) will help you do just that.

May you remember the power of love and let it be your guiding force in life.

In light,


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