How spread out are you?

How many things are you doing?

What are you giving your attention, your energy, your money to?

Reel in.

Pull back.


Prune your life tree.


If you are entrepreneurial minded (and even if you’re not) – imagine what you can accomplish when you choose just one thing – when you direct your energy with thoughtful, heart-based intention?

Stop distracting yourself with “fillers”.

Stop doing everything you are good at.

Stop giving people what they want.

Stop wandering aimlessly.

Stop. Focus. Listen. Wait. Choose. Go.

Then, make this your mantra: “just this”.

Take some time to prune your life tree. Trim back the branches – the dying and dead ones. Trim back the ones that have no way to see the light. Cut down the ones that have no space to grow, no chance of survival. Prune your way to simplicity – vital, expansive, wholesome simplicity.

Then, burn the branches. Let the light of the fire warm your hands, illuminate your face. Reminisce about how things use to be. Honor the past. Honor the dead.

Prepare to give birth to the new.

And live with no regrets, ever….
In light,

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