Spring…. Ahhhhhh.

Oh, how I love you.

And, oh how you cause me so many birthing pains!

Are you feeling this too?

Spring is asking me to lean into my passion, my creativity, my inherent self-worth. Spring is asking me to create boundaries – even though my energy wants to expand without restriction right now. Spring is asking me to honor fully the well of energy at my deep center that is my medicine and gift to share with the world – and to do it NOW!

Sounds lovely, right? But the truth is, as I lean in it’s pretty clear that what Spring is really asking of me is to go deeper, to step outside of my comfort zone, and to take fully responsibility for my life.

In the grand scheme of things – I’m grateful for Spring. But I’ve needed support – from my girlfriends, nature, clean food, sleep, sleep, and more sleep, lots of journaling, and professional help.

If Spring is stretching you in similar ways – please consider scheduling a Intuitive Reading + Energy Clearing session with me.

These private sessions will help you recalibrate your energy so you can align more fully with Spring’s invitation to be born again – in a more powerfully authentic way. On special for only $55 (regularly $111).

Learn more about what a Intuitive Reading and Energy Clearing session is like here.

On special through the end of April – sessions can be done in-person or via skype.

May your blossoming open this Spring reveal to you your most truest nature.

In light and love,

P.S. 2018 dates have been set for our second annual Costa Rica Yoga retreat – and registration is now open (we sold out this past retreat). Learn more here.

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