Hello Beautiful Human-Being,

I just returned home from an unbelievable two-week journey to Costa Rica. Week one I co-led a yoga retreat in Nosara at beautiful Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort with an inspiring group of yogis from all over the US. The following week I unplugged in Los Pargos – a super quiet little surf village on the Pacific coast.


When was the last time you gave yourself this gift?

To step outside of Life as you know it to take a break.

A break from your reality, your to-do’s, your frame of mind.

A break from who you think you are…

Unplugging is like a Soul reset button.

For most of us – our lives are quite structured. We fall into “roles” and start to move through our days in a very rote way. While these structured roles are stabilizing, we are constantly changing on the inside. Yet, for many, as the days, weeks, and years pass by – despite our inner evolving self – our outer realities remain looking the same.

Right now in this moment ask yourself this question:
“Does my outer world reflect who I am on the inside?” 

Your job, your relationships, your home, your social circle, your hobbies, your persona, your clothes….?

Is your inner self and outer reality congruent?

Are you living your truth?

Unplugging and slowing down gives us this much needed perspective.

As well as things like losing a job, going through divorce, or getting diagnosed with cancer or depression.

If we don’t periodically check-in with our heart and make it a priority to be living in alignment with its truth – it will likely be forced upon us. Something will require us to look inward.

Each and every one of us longs for authenticity. We long to live a life that is aligned with our truth. We desire congruency. We want to be who we really are.

THIS is my daily inquiry upon returning from Costa Rica, upon returning from my Soul reset:

“Is my inner self and outer reality congruent – and if not, what can I do today to live in alignment?” 

This inquiry is not by any means filled with rainbows and unicorns. It feels kind of crunchy. A bit uncomfortable. Change isn’t always easy. This inquiry will likely catalyze transformation in your life. Maybe not immediately – but once you truly hear your truth, it is only a matter of time before you must submit to it.

Which is why many people will never ask themselves this powerful question:

“Is my inner self and outer reality congruent?”

Of course – I think you should!!!!! Give it a try and if it makes you feel uncomfortable, if you discover something you are not quite sure how to claim fully – I’m here to help!

My private Intuitive Reading and Energy Clearing sessions will help make any change you know you need to way less scary. I promise. Learn about these powerfully transformative and life-altering sessions here.

I’ve also got some potent events coming up that aim to help you live your truth….

On March 17th, Julie Shannon and I are offering our first in a series of workshops called the “Yes Sessions“. These workshops will teach you how to live your truth and create a life that you love. Yes Session #1 is called – There’s gotta be more to life than this. Yup – Join us if this speaks to YOU!

Lastly, on March 20th my 6-week series: “Shakti: Reclaim Your Feminine Power” begins! This class series for women only is a journey into the 2nd/Sacral chakra. We’ll be embodying our pelvic bones, muscles, organs and glands, the element of water and the core vibration of this sexual center. Reserve your spot here.

May you be who you really are and may your life simply be an expression of this truth.

May our paths cross soon.

In light and love,

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Thank you for joining the journey!

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