Star Card Clearing:
“I clear stagnation.” 

The clear stagnation card indicates that there is blocked up energy in your body, mind, heart and/or soul right now that is keeping you feeling stuck, heavy, lethargic, and incapable of moving forward in your life in a positive way. It can also indicate external energy between you and another person or situation.

Why does energy become stagnated? Because its natural flow at some point was inhibited. Are there certain emotions you don’t want to feel? Are you fearful of following your authentic path in lieu of disappointing other people? Are you resentful – holding onto old grudges? Maybe you are attached or addicted to negative, dense thought patterns that go against your true nature. These are just a few possible ways we create energetic stagnation in our systems.

When you clear stagnation your energy will begin to flow with greater ease. You’ll feel lighter. You’ll experience mobility, fluidity and grace as you take action serving in your highest and best interest.

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