You are a beautiful, magnetic being.

Residing along the core of your body is a central channel of light – your light.

Your light is simply your truest self.

Your light radiates outward into the world.

It tells it who you authentically are and what you truly need, want, desire and deserve.

When you sit in your core self – when you “be the light” of your own being and let it shine outward – you become magnetic.

You attract to you people, opportunities, and experiences that are in harmony with your truth. You magnetize to you exactly what you need to be the best version of you. You draw in everything that will inspire your greatest life.

As a magnetic being – you have less to “do” to create your most magical life. Being and allowing your light to vibrate clearly leads the way. You will experience synchronicities daily. You will be in the “flow”. You will find yourself easily in the right place at the right time, meeting the right people. You’ll discover life unfolding for you.

Is this how you experience yourself and life?

While your light is always shining it doesn’t necessarily mean the world is always receiving it clearly.

Our lights gets dimmed and distorted by negative energies. These energies skew our authentic vibration. They mix up the messages we share with the world. They hide who we really are.

It is our life’s work to embody OUR LIGHT and to clear the negative energies that don’t align with our essential vibration.

Here’s a few simply ways that you you can begin doing this consciously:

1. Meditate on your light.

Take a minimum of 5 minutes everyday to sit down, relax your body-mind and go inward. Go deep to the center of your being. Connect to the central-vertical access of light within. Visualize it if it doesn’t easily “appear” in your mind’s eye. Get to know it. What color does it appear as? Is there an energetic quality you can sense there? Is the current from top to bottom and bottom to top flowing easily or seem obstructed. Start here.

2. Radiate your light.

Once you feel connected to your light and it’s vibrant looking/feeling on the inside then it’s time to begin expanding. You want your light to fill up  your “house” so to speak. Your light needs to be able to extend out from your center in all directions. Let it brighten up your entire being. Let it spread out into the space around your body. See how far it can reach while maintaining it’s brightness.

3. Just be your light.

Once you have connected to the core channel of light within and have learned how to radiate it outward into the space around your body you need to practice holding your charge. Practice just sitting in your light, your authentic energy. Practice doing it outside of meditation. Do it at the coffee shop. Do it while you are taking a walk. Do it when you are at work. Practice being your light when you interact with other people. It will require you in the moment to to reconnect to your deep center, align with your light and to let it shine… all while engaging in the external world. Let it touch people. But at the same time hold it tenderly for yourself. Protect it. Honor it as a sacred space – your sacred space. See if you can begin to sense your energetic boundary? See if you can begin to tell when energies come in that feel good and uplifting/supportive to you and when ones come in that bring you down.

4. Clear negativity.

Finally, to maintain your high vibe you will need to engage in some clearing. Just like you clean your house occasionally – you’ll need to clean your light of energies you’ve sponged up unknowingly while being out in the world, old energies you’ve been holding onto from family, energies possibly even from past lives. This is a process that will be ongoing. Everyone is different. Often you know when you need to do some clearing because you just don’t feel good or like yourself. Whenever you do steps 1-3 listed above, you will naturally be clearing your energy by simply aligning more deeply with what is really YOU. But you can also clear negative energy by taking a shower and asking the water to clear you, laying on the grass in nature letting the sunshine purify you, or ritualistically saging your body. There are many other ways including getting a professional “healer” to support you. This can be especially useful if you discover some sticky energies that just aren’t budging. My Intuitive Reading and Energy Clearing sessions can help with this.

May you fully embody your light and let it shine so brightly into the world it lights up everything it touches!


P.S. Here are two meditations to claim yourself as a Magnetic Being. 

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