New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo August 11, 2018

W E  A R E  P O W E R F U L  B E I N G S.

But this doesn’t mean we always feel that way.

On a scale of 1-100 how much power do you feel aligned with today? Do you feel 25% in your power? 40%? 99%?

And if you are, say, expressing 40% power today, what’s the other 60% expressing as? And why? These are the kinds of questions that my mind likes to chew on nonstop. I know how good it feels to be 100% in my authentic power AND I know that this way of being is an expression of the True Self. My desire and hope is that all of us have access to true, healthy power from the INSIDE!

Many of us let our experience of inner power be dictated by external circumstances – the way in which people respond to us, treat us, talk to us, where we live, how much money we have, our position at work, the groups of people we affiliate with, etc… We have been taught that power is something that needs to be earned and gained when in fact is is an Essential part of who you are, already fully in tact within you just waiting to be claimed, embodied and expressed.

Tomorrow, Saturday August 11th, there is a New Moon, Solar Eclipse in the sign of Leo!

This is the last eclipse of the “eclipse season” and brings with it an opportunity for you to fully CLAIM YOUR TRUE POWER and START ANEW.

It is as if a doorway is opening for all of us to walk through into a new way of being and living in the world – one that is more deeply aligned than ever before with our Soul, and of course, with our authentic POWER!

Care to know more? Do you want a little extra insight and support as you move through this potent time of transformation?

Emma Vasseur (amazing astrologer) and I created an audio class specific to this Solar Eclipse event. It includes an astro reading on the current energies influencing us and following that, I share a guided meditation journey with energy clearing and activation that aims to deepen your ability to embody and utilize these energetic forces to serve in your highest and best interest.

So many people have been feeling the intensity internally and externally. This audio was created to truly offer support for you to find more understanding, ease and grace at this challenging time.

You can learn more and purchase the class here.

In light! Amy

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo August 11, 2018

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