new moon solar eclipse in Leo august 11, 2018

Happy New Moon, Solar Eclipse in Leo everyone!

Today is a good day to do a power RITUAL! Something to release the past and welcome in something NEW – possibly in a dramatic, self-expressive kind of way…. Keep reading to learn why.

I believe there is so much helpful energy made available to us when we intentionally sync up with the cycles and rhythms of the natural world and the Universe.

For me I most commonly use the changing of seasons as well as astrological patterns and events as maps for my own life’s passages and transformations. It’s always nice to have a map!!!

I encourage you today to feel into how you are on the inside. What have you been letting go of, clearing? What can you sense coming into your life (even if it’s not quite here yet). Who are you becoming… What is your life becoming…. ? These are themes present today!

If you’d like more insight and support — Check out the audio class that I co-created with astrologer Emma Vasseur.

You’ll learn the key things that make this day so powerful and ripe for inspiring self-transformation AND you’ll be guided through a deep, healing meditation journey to help you:

1.) Bring Completion to something in your life

2.) Clear residual energy that might be holding you back

3.) Find the courage to Step Forward towards what is beckoning you

4.) RECEIVE all the goodness with ease and grace.

You can learn more and buy the class here.

If you have 40 minutes today – gift yourself this class. And then, sit down in a distraction-free place and spend time working with the energies of the Universe to support your best Self and life into awakening NOW.

xoxoxox, Amy

new moon solar eclipse in Leo august 11, 2018

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