Once in a while life gives us an opportunity to RESET – often as a “surprise” gift (thanks Universe).

During the RESET period many things disappear from our lives or radically transform. Friends, family members, jobs, homes, pets, money… and also things like our passions, life focus, purpose and direction, and where or how we derive meaning for being alive.

Sometimes the RESET is referred to as an identity crisis or a rebirth.

It’s usually an uncomfortable time as change (especially when it’s unexpected and/or feels scary) can be hard to move through…. but we get through it…sometimes gracefully and sometimes in what seems like the messiest way possible.

The best guide for these kinds of times is our Intuition.

Our ability to tune into ourselves and TRUST what is coming through. To allow feelings of lightness, ease and joy to be our guideposts. And of course, to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. To get comfortable not knowing how our life is going to unfold. To get comfortable having no clue what’s next.

When you are in the midst of a RESET you’ll likely have little vision for your life.

You may feel like you are in the void. It’s like you are incubating, integrating and waiting for what’s next to arrive. Actions you try to take will be stunted somehow. It’s as if the Universe is holding you back as it orchestrateS and alignS things perfectly for the unfolding of YOU and your BEST LIFE.

If this is you right now, sit back and relax.

Be patient. Trust the inner work that is happening. Trust the external will line up when it’s right. Spend ample time simply listening in meditation – so you don’t miss anything from your higher self. Pay attention when your heart lights up. Notice what turns your head or piques your interest. Be in the flow with your body’s instincts and reflexes. Resist the urge to let your head take the lead during this important time.

You have been gifted a clear slate. Wait for the vision. It’s coming and when it does, it’s going to be magnificent.

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