To those of you in the midst of massive identity shifts and feeling unclear about what’s next… This post is for you.

I too have been going through a big transformation. There were many major external changes over the past 6 months, yes, but the shift occurring now that I’m tuned into is deeply internal.

My underneath framework is being reorganized and restructured. I had told a friend a while back that it felt like my inner tectonic plates were shifting. The changes at first felt hard. Like the different plates were rusted together and rather than sliding to adjust they were scraping and squeaking, sometimes painfully, into a completely new configuration.

As each part lands in their new sacred place it is like I’m being plugged into an upgraded way of thinking, moving, breathing, feeling and being.

I feel the old simply dropping off of me. Somedays the speed at which the releasing is happening feels outrageous. Massive shifts in perception occur within a few hours. Blinders after blinders being removed….

But rather than feeling scared or trying to hold on to the old, I am able to allow the energy to flow and the changes to occur. I am sitting back and REMEMBERING.

This alignment, while new in this moment, is not really so new. It is the truth that I have always known about myself, about life. But the alignment of my tectonic plates were off just enough to keep me at a distance from full connection – to my whole self.

I am excited for what’s to come. I sense the dust from all the restructuring is starting to settle. Soon I will feel passion again. Soon I will have clear vision again. Soon I will be able to see my next step, the path in front of me again. Soon, my external life will reflect what has been shape-shifting inside of me.

Soon my old skin will completely release. Like a snake, I will become anew.

I’m curious – what are you shedding? What are you becoming? Have you been waiting… patiently… for a clear vision of what’s next? Share with me in the comments or send me an email.

xoxoxox, Amy

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