I may have said this as an opener to my last email to you… and I’m saying it again.


I’ve been actively on a spiritual journey since my early 20’s —exploring all facets of body-mind-heart-spirit… but I have to say, 2018 — it’s one for the books.

Over this past year my insides have completely reset.

The computer of me received an entirely new software program.

And I’m still getting use to it. Learning how everything works.

With it comes a totally new set of beliefs (which, yes, means all the old ones had to go…don’t worry — it was only a little painful releasing them all 🙂

There are new needs, wants, and desires emerging, too – replacing many of the things I had longed for — for most of my life.

It’s been bittersweet.

And… Confusing. Grief-filled. Blissful. Scary. Mind-blowing.

All at the same time.

It all feels exactly right AND completely foreign to me.

I likely look the same to you on the outside. But on the inside, a new Amy is receiving her finishing touches. To be debuted at an unknown future date.

So I am curious, what about you? Did you get an inner software upgrade this past year as well? How’s it working for you? Have the updates completed? Are all systems a go?

This kind of thing can’t be rushed.

It’s a process.

First, you let go. Then, you grieve (regardless of whether the release is welcome or not, grief comes). Next, you wait in a state of pure emptiness for an unknown amount of time. Then, you begin to receive, followed by an extended period of integration… Finally, you are born anew.

This. It’s happening. For all of us right now. It’s happening on the planet.

Which phase are you in?

TRUST the flow.


As I patiently wait for my outer life to catch up with my inner one, I have been diligently continuing to work…and I have some brand new things to share with you!

*My new Insight Timer course: Sacred Site of You is now live!

Join me for my new meditation course on Insight Timer called Sacred Site of You!  This 10-day course is designed to help you remember, reclaim, and embody your whole self as a sacred being using the ancient map of the chakra system. Each daily lesson is 12-15 minutes long and includes both theory and practice. Insight Timer is a free meditation app that you download right onto your phone and this course is only $5! Once you purchase it you can ask me questions directly in the online classroom so we can discuss the content further! I hope to connect with you there!

*My Star Cards oracle deck has been redesigned and restocked!

Pre-order your decks today for the holidays! $20/deck (+shipping) – A perfect gift for your mystical loved ones!

I designed the Star Cards to help you directly communicate with your inner self. Simply ask a question, pick a card, and download insight from your highest, most wise self. You can learn more about the magic behind these cards and even watch a video where I demonstrate how to use them here.

Place your order by Dec 8th to ensure you’ll receive it before the holidays! If you live in the Twin Cities – you can purchase my Star Cards in person at One Yoga StudioI like You, and Ritual Self Care.

P.S. On this new design of the Star Cards – the chakra that each card relates to is indicated by the color of the “invoke” or “clear” circle at the top. Deepen your experience while working with the cards by tuning into the relating chakra!

*There’s still a spot for you on my Costa Rica Yoga Retreat this January!

Direct, roundtrip tickets are now available for under $500! Save $100 by mentioning this post.

Feeling the pull to finally invest in yourself? Tired of over-giving and putting everyone elses needs first? Ready to embody your worthiness and truly say YES to YOU + your desires…your best life?

Let me hold space for you for an entire week as you rest deeply, receive nourishment, and return fully to yourself.

Just a few things you’ll experience on this adventure:

*Eco-luxury, beachfront accommodations (on a very quiet, secluded stretch of beach)
*Twice daily yoga
*Ocean / Moonlit meditations
*Special life-visioning mini-classes
*Three healthy meals a day
*Pool time, spa time, beach time, chill time (read, sleep, take a walk, go on an excursion)
*A intimate group of high-vibin’ folks to share your experience with
*And soooooo much more!

Curious? Feeling called…? Message me with any questions you have! You can also go here to learn more.

*Plus – check out my new special events coming up…

Thanksgiving Day Gratitude Vinyasa Class, Deep Restorative – Holiday Edition Workshop, and a New Year’s Intention Setting Ritual. Learn more here.


May you come to fully know the sacred, mysterious landscape of YOU and choose to seek out the gold that lies within… and then share it with the world unabashedly, beautifully, generously.

In light and love,

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