When we get serious about wanting something, something big, something that our heart has been craving for a long, long time –  it’s natural to wonder, “Am I worthy of THIS?”

Yes, yes – of course you are!

But the important thing here is – do you believe you are?

TRUTH: You are worthy just for being here.

You were born with innate worth.

You are a spark of the Divine. You are a goldmine in human form. Your value is limitless.

But for many of us, our inherent self-worth was never affirmed. We were taught from the beginning that we had to somehow earn our worth. We had to do something to be valued, to be approved of, accepted, even loved.

We were told that we weren’t good enough, pretty enough, smart enough.

We were lied to.

These lies penetrate deep. They lead us to second guess ourselves. We may enliven a desire for a short span of time and then let it go before it has time to manifest due to self-doubt and, you guessed it, a deep feeling of unworthiness.

Have you ever let yourself dream big for a moment and then caught yourself thinking, “Why bother?”

Or, maybe you’ve found yourself stuck feeling hopeless, depressed, and even a bit envious or jealous of others because what you desire most seems to manifest effortlessly for everyone but you?

You need to reclaim your inherent worthiness.

You need to proclaim with confidence and assertiveness, “I AM WORTHY.”

You need to let every fiber of your being remember this truth.

Then, instead of feeling hopeless or jealous of others enjoying what you want – you’ll look at them and think, “I’m so grateful that this person is enjoying ______________. It makes me so happy to witness THIS manifest in their life. I am so eager and excited to receive this into my life as well. I can’t wait!”

Deep abiding self-worth is the path to manifesting your most heart-felt desires.

It underlies steadfast commitment to taking the necessary actions to bring to fruition what you want. It tells the Universe you deserve to have it all. So what do you do when you find yourself drowning in unworthiness?

Here’s three steps to reconnect to your authentic worth:

1. Acknowledge unworthiness when it rears its head.

Unworthiness can be sneaky and hard to identify because its roots usually run deep! If there’s something you want and negative feelings arise when you think about it like hopelessness, sadness, anger, envy or jealousy – unworthiness is likely underneath them all. Likewise, if you find yourself thinking, “How come she get’s everything she wants?” or, “Nothing is ever going to change, why bother trying.” unworthiness again is likely the underlying culprit.

Call a spade a spade. “Hi unworthiness. I see you. I hear you. I feel you.

2. Accept the unworthiness energy.

This doesn’t mean you are accepting you are unworthy! Nope. You are simply accepting that the energy is present (because it is) even though you know it is false. How do you know it is false? It makes you feel bad when you feel it. That’s because it’s not in alignment with your truth.

Your truth: is you are worthy simply by being here.

As the saying goes, “what you resists, persists.” Accept that unworthiness energy is present, but you don’t need to take it personally or believe in it.

3. Clear the unworthiness energy.

Everything is energy including emotions. After completing step one and two, you are ready to clear the energy. This is a forgotten power we each have. We can direct energy at will. Give it a try now. Say the statement below (out-loud if possible). Then take a deep inhale with the intention of lifting the energy of unworthiness from your whole self. Next exhale through an open mouth letting the energy go. Imagine this energy going into a compost bin where it will be transmuted by the Universe into something good. Repeat as often as necessary.

May you receive all that you wish for and feel completely deserving of doing so.

In light, Amy

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