If you can dream it, we can do it.

Notice the “you” and “we” bits, and where they apply?


~The Universe

We are a part of an ever-expanding, limitless Universe that truly does have our backs and LOVES to collaborate with us to bring our dreams to life.

The “Universe” is All That Is. It holds both the physical and the mystical dimensions. To consciously manifest with ease – engage both dimensions.

Show the Universe you are serious about what you want by putting in some true grit.

1. Work your inner energy. Do this by examining your belief systems, your emotions, and finding and clearing the blockages that keep you from receiving what you most desire. This work is invisible but produces external/physical results. Your inner energy holds the blueprint for your outer life. As the saying goes — change your energy, change your reality.

2. Work the physical dimension. Do this by taking tangible steps towards what you want. Go on that date. Leave your job. Actually go to the gym to workout… Let your actions backup what you are creating and drawing into your life.

Your grit then summons forth the abiding grace of the Universe.

Forces beyond your control take over the manifesting process for you. It’s like you’ve handed off the baton to the Universe and your life is suddenly being orchestrated by the Divine. And suddenly, you find yourself married to the man of your dreams, working at your ideal job, living in a body that you love.

The Universe gracefully delivered.

Kudos to you for doing the necessary grit.

Want to summon forth the grace of the Universe to help you manifest your desires?

Try these five steps:

1. Write down something that you want.

2. Make a list of any beliefs or emotions that seem to go against your desire.

3. Turn them around. Write down a counter (positive, affirming) belief and emotion for those you listed out in step two.

4. Commit to embodying the new beliefs and emotions. This means you try them on and let them be living actively inside of you. It means you choose them over the ones that bring you down and go against the manifestation of your desire.

5. Take action. What can you do today to show the Universe you are serious about what you want? What steps can you take in this moment to elicit the grace of the Universe to work on your behalf?

~And so it is.

May all that you desire gracefully flow to you.

In light, Amy

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