“Am I 100% committed to having THIS?”

Many of the BIG things that we deeply desire will require a bit of disciplined work on our part to manifest.

Sure, sometimes we wish for something and it seems to magically fall into our lap without any trying. These “lucky” instances or “miracles” are gifts. AND, you’ve often done some legwork unconsciously. Like saying thank you a lot or engaging in frequent acts of kindness to strangers. These positive, abundance-producing gestures always pay off, but often in surprising ways. More on this form of manifesting in future posts…

Back to the most important question you must ask yourself if you want to make your dreams a reality: “Am I 100% committed to having THIS?”

Are you?

Because you may be required to let go of something before what you want can fully arrive.

You might need to let go of a bad habit, an addiction, a behavior or old belief that no longer aligns with your wishes for yourself and your life.

You may need to give up relationships – letting go of old friends that drain you or a marriage that suffocates you.

You may need to move out of the country or quit your job.

You may need to say no to another dream that doesn’t hold as much weight, an old plan for your life, an old identity that you’ve expressed through for… a lifetime.

There could be lots of letting go that is needed.

There could also be inspired action that you must take.

You may need to start eating healthier, exercising, having honest conversations with people that make you feel uncomfortable.

Manifesting your wildest dreams is totally possible – but are you willing to sweat a little? Are you willing to change a few things within yourself and your life?

Are you committed to doing the work that it might take to truly have what you really want?

If your answer is yes… then choose your desire like you would choose your beloved – every single day.


Your commitment to what you want must be stronger than your commitment to believing in those pesky, negative thoughts that say, “I can’t”, “It will never happen”, “I’m not worthy of having _______”.

Say outloud to yourself now:

“I commit 100% to manifesting _____________ in my life.”

Tune into yourself, how does it feel to say that?

Try it again. Say it with confidence. Feel the words reverberate through every cell of your body, through every fiber of your being.

Each day when you wake up state this affirmation to yourself again. Maybe with even more feeling, more commitment.

Repeat it until it is so.

I believe in you. You got this!

In light, Amy

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