A natural cycle of life is to go through periods of time when we feel empty, uninspired, and confused about what we want.

If you are experiencing this now – be grateful and sink into it.

You are at the threshold of stepping into a completely new life.

The modern and westernized world doesn’t honor the void. Instead it honors constant busyness, constant doing, constant success seeking (making more and more and more money to pay for more things to have more “status”). It honors the American “dream” of the perfect job, with the perfect mate, the perfect family, and, of course, the perfect white picket fence…

But is this your dream?

Maybe parts of it are. But there may be more inside of you wanting to be brought to life.

Sometimes these parts are hard to know because they’ve been buried beneath the noise of the world for so long. They were pushed aside in favor of external pressures to show up a certain way to be accepted.

Our heart’s truest desires, however, will always find a way to be made known.

Enter the void.

You lose your job. A parent or someone significant in your life dies. Your lover leaves you. You face a life-threatening illness or fall into a deep depression for no apparent reason.

The void can be triggered by both internal and external circumstances – but it’s purpose is always the same – to return you to your true self and your life’s most authentic path.

The void invites you into an experience of emptiness. The space before creation. The space where everything is birthed from.

The question is – will you let yourself be fully here, in the space of nothingness?

Will you sit before the blank canvas of your life and wait for your heart to speak to you?

Will you embrace the uncomfortableness that comes with this not-knowing cycle of life?

If you find yourself here – feeling empty, confused, and uninspired about your life – contemplate/explore these five ideas to help you through.

5 ideas to move gracefully through being in the void:

1. Know you will not be here forever.

You will not feel empty like this forever. You will not continue to be confused about your life forever. Being in the void is a natural cycle of life. But because we live in a culture that doesn’t honor “natural cycles” or recognize being in the “void” as a normal human experience – we have come to fear it and don’t understand how to embrace it and move through it gracefully.

2. Lean into the empty space. 

What you resists, persists. If you try to run away from or avoid the empty feeling inside of you, it will begin to chase you. That is, until you face it, embrace it, love it and learn from it. Despite it likely being an uncomfortable, unknown and scary place to reside – if you say yes to it fully – you will be surprised with what you discover on the other side.

3. Get to know the void.

When you decide to finally embrace the empty feeling inside of you, what do you discover? If you just sit with it and feel into it, what’s really there? What are its inherent qualities? If you could see it with your mind’s eye – what does it look like? What textures does it have? When you stop fearing it and instead turn to face it – what emotions arise within you? What sensations emerge? Can you befriend the void?

4. Listen to the void.

It’s here for a reason. What messages does it have for you? Once the void knows you accept it, it will start to trust your presence. It will begin to share it’s wisdom with you.

5. Patiently, gently allow the emptiness/void to transform into fullness.

The void is energy and energy is constantly changing. The opposite of being empty is being full. If you are in emptiness currently – the laws of the Universe will confirm – you are about to get full. See the void as an empty canvas. How does the space want to be filled? What colors want to be expressed? If you don’t jump the gun and throw paint on in a purposeless way, you will discover a vision unfolds that is beyond your wildest dreams. An organic, meaningful, beautiful landscape emerges. And soon, you find yourself in another cycle of life: fulfillment.

The void is the purest point of creation. What will you create? What will you desire into being from here? What will your heart guide you to do?

Love the emptiness. It is a gift from the Universe. An opportunity to deeply reset yourself and your life into divine alignment with your Soul.

I am so happy you have the courage to be empty.

In light,

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