Unworthiness. Insecurity. Fear.

These are the three gatekeepers of your most magnificent life.

They stand guard day and night, protecting your heart’s desires fiercely.

They will not allow you access to what you most want until…

  1. You rise into authentic self-worth.
  2. You believe you are truly confident in yourself and that you deserve, everything you desire.
  3. You embody fearlessness and choose to step into the unknown, into the life you’ve only ever dreamed of.

You see, your desires come from your Soul. As you attune to them, honor them, and pursue them with loving eagerness and anticipation they guide you on a journey of learning, growth, and evolution.

Each time a heart desire emerges within you, to achieve it you will be required to expand.

You’ll need to step into a larger version of yourself. And, you’ll have to face and slay a few demons along the way.

It’s all part of the human journey.

So, please, let yourself 100% commit to your dreams and remember these three things:

  1. The unworthiness, insecurity and fear you feel are actually on your side.
  2. They are the gatekeepers of your desires.
  3. You are not them.

Their job is to help you rise into your fullest potential. To remember your true nature that is inherently worthy, confident and fearless. They are simply energies waiting for you to see that they are not YOU. They are waiting for you to release them so they can stand separate from you, open the gate to your wildest desires, and usher you in.

When will you remember?

Repeat these affirmations now and let them sink into every fiber of your being.




~And so it is.

In light and love,

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