There are two key guideposts on your manifesting journey that tell you in any given moment whether you are aligned with and open to receiving what it is you want or not.

They are the feelings of EXPANSION and CONTRACTION.

When you are feeling expansive in relationship to your desire you are essentially saying “YES!” to it. You are open to receiving it easily and effortlessly. You feel positive, hopeful, grateful, and a sense of eager anticipation for it to arrive. You are in the flow and the Universe is able to deliver what you want to you without any obstructions.

Expansiveness is an important guidepost on your manifesting journey that lets you know that your desire is on it’s way – soon to arrive.

Contraction, the second manifesting guidepost, arises in your body, mind, heart, and spirit when you are not in total alignment with your wishes. You may believe you are unworthy of what you want. You might not believe the Universe has your back and wants to support you. Maybe you are stuck in scarcity thinking that there’s not enough of _______________ for you. Or, you think you have to work really hard to get what you want.

Contraction will make you feel heavy in your body, negative in your mind and emotions, and disconnected from the flow of life. It’s a sign there are blockages keeping your desire at bay.

Check-in right now with one of your primary desires to determine if you are in alignment to receiving it or not:

1. Choose your desire.

2. Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, relax your body and become present.

3. Bring your desire to mind and imagine it is already manifest in your life.

4. Check-in. How do you feel? Does your body open and relax more or does it tense up? Does a sense of joy emerge from within or dread and hopelessness? Essentially, do you feel expanded or contracted?

5. If you are in a state of expansion – wonderful! Stay with it for a while and enjoy the feeling. The more you can marinate in this vibe the better. If you discover you are in a state of contraction – explore the steps below to help you transform it into expansion.

Transform your contraction with these six steps:

1. Repeat the above steps to get in touch with your desire and the sense of contraction you have in relationship towards it.

2. Identify where you sense the contraction most in your body.

3. As you feel the contraction physically, ask yourself what belief is behind it. For example, “I’m not good enough to have________ because __________.”

4. Next, ask yourself what emotion is behind the sensation and the belief. (sadness, anger, fear…?)

5. Now you must lovingly affirm the contraction (physical, mental and emotional) and let it go so you can expand into a receptive state to receive what you want. You can do this by saying directly to the contraction: “I see you, I feel here, I hear you, I acknowledge you. Thank you for showing me how I am blocked to receiving ____________________.” After the statement breathe and soften your whole body.

6. Now turn the contraction into expansion. Go back to step 3 and rewrite the contradicting belief to reflect expansion. For example, “I am worthy of ______________________.” Say this affirmation with confidence to your whole self. Repeat until you feel it’s true.

~And so it is. 

Let expansion and contraction be your guideposts as you consciously create. When you find yourself in contraction – don’t worry – it’s a sign you are truly reaching towards something new, something exciting. It’s normal to contract before you expand. Now you have a process to easily move through contraction into your best life!

May you receive all that you desire with grace.

In light,

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