Your deepest desires are messages from your Soul.

Think of each one as a valuable gemstone that is uniquely yours.

That life partner you are seeking? An iridescent, shimmering pink gem.

The job of your dreams?  A bold, crimson red stone.

The trip around the world? A deep translucent blue gemstone.

Imagine holding each one of these brilliant gifts from your Soul in the palms of your hands.

Feel their presence. See their beauty. Know their importance in your life.

Be devotional to them.

Handle each desire of yours with great care. Love them. Give them attention on a daily basis.

Worship them into being.

When we want something bad we may unconsciously grasp for it, seek it out aggressively, and feel hopeless, sad and angry about not having it. These energies can hinder the ease in which we are capable of manifesting.

We forget that our heart’s desires are already ours to be had. They were written into the blueprint of our lives long before we arrived here on planet earth. Our inner being is eager for us to have them. Our job is to simply relax into this knowing, to acknowledge the real desires within our hearts, and to allow them to come into fruition.

Try out this 3-step gemstone ritual to activate the energy of devotion for something you desire:

1. Pick one desire that you most want to manifest right now in your life.

2. Find a special stone to symbolize this desire. It could be a simple rock that you found out on a walk or you could purchase a gemstone like Quartz (all types) which are known to amplify positive energies. Or, get specific and choose Rose Quartz, for instance, known as the “love” stone if your desire is to attract in a romantic relationship. This is my go-to gemstone book if you are looking for a good resource.

3. Spend devotional time with your stone every single day. Hold it in your hands. See it. Feel it. Love it. Tell it how excited you are for it to blossom fully into your life. Pour positive energy into it. When you are finished place it in a sacred spot like a meditation altar where it’s high-vibe will remain constant.

~And so it is.

May you remain in a high-vibe, positive state as you joyfully manifest all that you desire.

In light, Amy

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