Solar Eclipse in Leo August 11, 2018 Online Event

Confused about your life?

Hitting road block after road block every time you reach for what you desire?

Emotionally overwhelmed?

Burnt out or frazzled energetically?

Can you feel BIG change coming – but have no clue what shape it will take?

Welcome to Eclipse Season!

On August 11, 2018 the third and final Eclipse of the season will take place in the sign of Leo on a New Moon!

It’s been a doozy of a season and we know everyone’s been feeling the intensity and effects from these significant planetary influences.

In this special online class – we want to provide you with resources to make it through this last push of transformation that Saturday’s Eclipse is supporting.

Are you ready?

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Amy enjoys sticking her head into the “other realm” where energy, spirit, and all things magical, mysterious and mystical reside. She has a knack for seeing the sticky and dense (and usually invisible to us) blockages that keep us living small in a life that doesn’t suit our Soul. Her desire is to leave an imprint of beauty on the planet and to gracefully guide her students and clients to return home to their greatest, most authentic self.




Emma Vasseur Solar Eclipse in Leo

What gets Emma out of bed each morning is the opportunity she has to work with, empower, and partner with people as they move through change, gather new information, and become inspired to make well informed, conscious choices, free from judgement, about how they treat themselves physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically!  She uses the wisdom of the sky to provide insights for people when they’re feeling particularly stuck or overwhelmed.  She is happiest immersed in nature and connecting with authentically with her community.  You can reach her at

Website coming soon!

Emma’s prepared an astrological Eclipse reading telling you the most important things you need to know to fully utilize the powerful energy made available to us on Saturday August 11, 2018.

Following Emma’s astro reading — Amy will guide you through a healing meditation with “energy clearing + activation” to consciously step through four divine doorways of transformation. . . leading you to the next chapter of your best life!

The four doorways you’ll walk through are:

1. Completion

What chapter of your life is ready to be put to rest?

This eclipse season has revealed an area of our lives ready for completion. Are you ready to let it go? Before anything can fully release we must honor it’s role in our life and it’s contribution to our Soul’s evolution. Understand how the sky is supporting an ending in each of our lives and energetically honor and pay gratitude to your past.

2. Clear

What old energy needs to clear for you to move forward?

Completion comes with the need to let go. Letting go can bring a slew of feelings – grief, fear, anger… As you gracefully clear and process the energies that come with completing a significant life chapter you create space to….

3. Step forward

What is wanting to enter into your new reality?

As you bring closure to old structures in your life and clear energies that want to keep you stuck in the past — you must invoke the energy of courage to step forward into the new, the unknown, and the next (most magnificent) chapter of your life.

4. Receive

Yes, you really are worthy of your most desired life.

Open yourself up to truly receive what your heart longs for. Say yes. Welcome in something you’ve never known, but feels totally right. You are worthy. You deserve true happiness. Receive.

All this…

Your Investment: $9.95

Upon receipt of payment you’ll receive an email providing you with a link to download your mp3 audio track (40 minutes in length). Buy now – and listen anytime… The energy of the eclipse is already touching us and will be in the months to follow as well. Want to access the full mojo of this powerful astrological event? Listen in on Saturday August 11, 2018 when the Solar Eclipse occurs in full.

We highly recommend you create a sacred, quiet space to listen to this recording where you won’t be distracted. Grab your journal to have nearby to record any insight you receive. Light a candle. Burn some incense. Tune into yourself and the powers at be. Set the stage for transformation serving in your highest and best interest.

This Solar Eclipse Astro Reading and Energy Clearing + Activation delivers a powerful energetic blueprint to help you fully embody the energy of the times so you can be your most authentic self, walking your true path in this life – with immense JOY!

Thank you!
Amy and Emma

All sales final. No refunds will be given. If you have any difficulties downloading your recording, please email for help. Your link to download the content will be emailed to you following your purchase.

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