Words are powerful.

Use yours to influence your students positively and become an outstanding yoga teacher.

Gain valuable information on how to formulate your yoga teaching script — synthesized from Amy’s 20 years of teaching students and teachers!

One of your most powerful tools as a yoga teacher is your ability to shape your voice and use your words to consciously enlighten your students.

My Developing Your Yoga Teaching Script eBook will teach you how to seamlessly guide your students, step-by-step, into and out of any yoga pose, regardless of it’s complexity.

You will learn how to:


  • Instruct yoga poses from the ground up so students have a solid foundation from which they are working from
  • Help students execute postures effectively and simply for their body’s level of openness
  • Encourage students to go deeper and work their edge in each pose
  • Guide students out of postures in a stable, safe way
  • Utilize imagery and descriptive words to enhance your students experience in the poses
  • Pace your cueing for maximum effectiveness
  • Project your voice in a way that induces the induces the desired energetic effect you wish for your students
  • And so much more…
Developing Your Yoga Teaching Script
Developing Your Yoga Teaching Script

Our voices penetrate into the body’s of our students. Are you transmitting confidence? Power? Clarity? Peacefulness?

Learn how to masterfully influence your students through intentionally developing your yoga teaching script.

Developing Your Yoga Teaching Script

eBook includes:

  • 31 pages of guidance to take your yoga teaching to the next level through the use of your voice and words
  • Amy’s signature “4-Tiered Process” for instructing yoga postures (Tier 1 – Primary Actions: Building the Foundation, Tier 2 – Secondary Actions: Executing the Pose, Tier 3 – Going Deeper: Finetuning Alignment, Tier 4 – Coming out of the Pose)
  • Practice “writing your script” worksheet
  • How to use imagery
  • How to use descriptive words
  • Info on establishing your verbal pacing
  • How to effectively project your voice
  • How to put it all together so you can masterfully instruct your yoga students

Invest in your teaching.

Guide your students clearly, simply and powerfully through their yoga practice. Purchase my Developing Your Yoga Teaching Script eBook now.

Once your purchase is complete through paypal you’ll be redirected to a hidden page on my website to download your PDF digital eBook. Email shine@amypatee.com with any questions. 

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