Discover Your Life Purpose!

7-day eCourse to get you on your true path.

Clear your personal blocks. Activate your potential.

Share your unique gifts with the world.

Are you ready to shine bright in the world?

Do you want an outlet to share your gifts with humanity?

Join me for my Shine – Discover Your Life Purpose 7-day eCourse!

During our week together you will:

  • align with your Essential Self
  • discover your innate gifts, talents and skills
  • access your authentic desires
  • connect with what feels light, easy and free for you (i.e. what brings you joy!)
  • activate the courage and confidence to express as your True Self in the world and through your work
  • live your purpose
  • and so much more!
Discover Your Life Purpose with Amy Patee flower blooming
Amy Patee Discover Your Life Path

Your eCourse journey includes:

  • An 33 page eBook companion (designed like a seven-day workbook) that includes inspiration, deep thoughts and writing prompts to catalyze positive transformation within you
  • Energy Clearing 101 instruction video (link to video is provided in your ebook)
  • Energy Activating 101 instructional video (link to video is provided in your ebook)
  • Six 20-25 minute powerful, guided energy clearing and activation videos that will begin to transform you from the inside out (links to video is provided in your ebook)
  • An Integration Meditation Video that helps you tune in, ground, open, replenish and return to your true self (link to video is provided in your ebook)

The world needs that special gift that only you have to share!


Whether working with Amy in-person or through an online experience, her energy, authenticity, presence and wisdom are always palpable. She is a master of taking complex, spiritual concepts, breaking them down into digestible pieces and sharing them in a way that is truly transformational for the recipient. She is my go-to person when I am ready to expand and embrace more of myself and my reason for being here.

I’m about half way through the Shine – Discover Your Life Purpose eCourse. I love the energy clearings and I’m excited about what the future holds for my work.

The other day my husband received an email from a job he applied to 3 months ago. It’s the only job he has applied to in 2 years! They told him they had an immediate need for a part time person. He interviewed and got the job! The hours are flexible and happen to be completely compatible with my current work schedule which allow us to care for our son with ease.

It is so funny to me that I do the energy work and he gets the job he has been imagining for at least a year. But I am really happy for him and excited to see what will unfold next for me!


Amy is a powerful instructor. Her energy comes thru the video & audios as if she was with me real time.
I could feel the shifts & releases immediately. Thank You Amy!

Are you ready to get unstuck and get on path?

Join me now for this 7-day journey — a small investment that will help you for the rest of your life…

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