Intuitive Reading + Energy Healing

Affirm. Clear. Align. Invoke. Release. Attune. Activate. Awaken. 

As a naturally gifted intuitive and medium I’m capable of looking into the unseen dimensions and consciously work with Spirit to catalyze transformation and healing on all levels of being.

Sessions are guided by your intention and may include/provide:

  • Clarity regarding any questions you have
  • Attunement with your Essence (True Self) so you can feel more worthy, empowered, and in sync with your authentic life path
  • Contact and communication with loved ones that have crossed over to bring resolution and release
  • Contact and communication with future souls (babies) that want to incarnate into this life through you
  • Contact and communication with your “helpers” (spirit guides, healed ancestors, and angels)
  • Reset of your energetic blueprint to be in alignment with new desires and your current evolution
  • Clearing of old energetic imprints from this life and past lives that are impacting your present moment self and life
  • Understanding of underlying causes of a physical issue/ailment
  • Deep healing in body, mind, heart and spirit that affirms your innate wholeness 

I had a 60 minute Intuitive Reading + Energy Healing/Clearing/Activation Session with Amy several months ago. The experience was deeply affirming and exactly what I needed. She tuned into my energy at the soul level and spoke directly to that part of me.

The power and depth of the messages that came through were profoundly validating and enlivening. I experienced an activation of “YES! Move forward in the direction of your soul’s desires/knowings.” The doubt and confusion I’d been feeling was completely cleared and has not returned. I also experienced a tremendous sense of being supported and held by helpful guides and benevolent presences. This feeling has remained with me.

I highly recommend Amy as an intermediary; a nurturing, sensitive bridge who can attune to levels within and beyond that catalyze healing, deeper awareness, connection with soul and energy for movement forward. 

~Jessa Walters, Evolutionary Astrologer,

30 MINUTES  |  $125

(Intuitive Reading Only)

30 minute sessions are ideal if you have one very specific and clear question that you’d like to receive insight about. We’ll dive right in and get to the heart of your inquiry. You are welcome to ask clarifying questions if time allows.  

60 MINUTES  |  $225

(Intuitive Reading + Energetic Healing/Clearing/Activation)

60 minute sessions provide time and space to go deeper. You’ll receive insight in response to 2-3 questions you have as well as energetic healing, clearing and activation as needed.

Are you ready for a positive, life-altering shift? 

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I’ve been assisting people for 20+ years in reclaiming the truth of who they are. I would be honored to support you in any way I can on your deeply sacred and beautiful journey here on earth.

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