Podcast and LIVE events featuring stories of awakening by luminaries from across the planet.

People everywhere are waking up to their most true self. The Luminate Speakeasy Podcast features real-life stories of suffering to self-illumination from spiritual-thought leaders. You’ll be profoundly inspired and walk away more present, more you…

Meet Your Host – Amy Patee

Hi! I’m a down-to-earth mystic deeply interested in the human journey of awakening. I’ve been consciously exploring spirituality for over 20 years and it is with great reverence that I offer this podcast to you. May each story help you feel less alone on your personal journey and assist as you move through the dark into the light of your soul. ~And so it is.

Click on an Episode title below to listen in! May you be inspired and guided through these stories of waking up.

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Episode #8: Lean into Curiosity

We all awaken to our spiritual path in unique ways. Often times by way of suffering - disease, divorce, bankruptcy, job loss, death of a loved one.... Jill Goux, however, is the exception. Her awakening moment came through a mysterious meeting with the legendary...

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Episode #6: Who are you today?

Magical forces often arise in our favor when we truly hit rock-bottom - when we finally surrender. That was the case for Katie Vessel - writer and holistic health guide. During this episode she'll share her perspective on relationships, the importance of timing when...

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Episode #5: You’ve got options!

"Stories are called stories because they're usually not true." ~Mary Petschen What's your story? We all have one - and whether good or bad - they can limit our experience of life. But the good news is, our stories can change. Want to learn how? Listen in to this...

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Episode #3: Shake that shit up!

Luminate Speakeasy Podcast Episode #3 is live! Sometimes life becomes stagnant. Your job isn't right. Your home isn't right. Your life is simple off. That's when you need to shake things up and be like a snow globe... at least according to Julie Shannon, therapeutic...

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