Hi! I’m Amy Patee. 

I’m so glad you found your way here. 

I suspect that you are seeking some guidance – a little help to get back on track with your life, to get back to the expression of your authentic self, to finally bring to fruition those dreams that have been aching in your heart to be realized. To feel peace from within.

I can help.

I’m a gifted intuitive and share this skill by reading and downloading valuable information from the subtle (non-physical) realm to support people like you in getting unstuck so they can step forward into their fullest potential and their truth. 

I do this while teaching yoga, guiding meditations, through writing, and also in my one-on-one sessions. 

I believe that when we align with our innate truth – the rest of our lives begins to fall into place.  

I call it being in divine flow and it’s what I LOVE helping people discover and embrace.


Keep reading to learn how we can work together.

MOVE — I teach soulFULL yoga classes and speciality workshops and events in-person and online. Join me to move, breath, feel, and awaken…in Minneapolis, MN or from anywhere in the world. You can also check out my huge library of classes on YouTube for free. 

RETREAT — I offer spirited retreats around the world that allow you to tap into your most expansive self with the help of daily yoga and meditation, healthy food, a high-vibing community, and the outstanding wonders of Mother Earth. Learn more about retreating with me here. I’d love to adventure with you. 

MEDITATE — You can learn from me virtually on Insight Timer where I offer free guided meditations and a 10-day course on the Chakras for purchase. Insight Timer is a free app that you download right onto your phone. It’s an amazing resource that I have come to love and use daily. I also have tons of free meditations available on my YouTube channel.

LEARN + CONNECT — Check out my Blog for your reading pleasure and join me on social: InstagramFacebook, and Youtube are where I post most often. My Youtube channel hosts tons of free yoga classes and meditations.

RECEIVE — Lastly, if my message and work resonates with you let’s stay connected via email…

I’m excited to connect with You.

In light, Amy

P.S. Feel free to message me at shine@amypatee.com and say hi!

Short bioAmy Patee is an intuitive guide, yoga teacher, and entrepreneur. Fully committed to leaving a positive imprint on the planet she guides people to awaken fully to the truth of who they really are through transformational one-on-one work, teaching empowering yoga classes (in person and online), workshops and eCourses, leading exotic retreats, hosting illuminating podcasts, blogging and playing as much as possible.

Professional CredentialsI’m a naturally gifted intuitive and have been self-employed in the healing-arts field for 20+ years. I’m certified in and/or have in-depth experience with: Yoga (twice certified: Mount Madonna + Donna Farhi), Global Somatics, Aspects Energy Work, Reiki, Thai Yoga Massage, Vipassana Meditation, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Massage Therapy, Continuum Movement, Body-Mind Centering, Trager, Five Rhythms Dance, UTUE Energy Clearing, Presence Practice with Leonard Jacobson, Somatic Experiencing Therapy, Rubenfeld Synergy, and many other body-mind modalities that afford me a comprehensive perspective on healing, self-development and self-mastery. I am also the co-founder of the Minneapolis Yoga Conference.

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