Expand your understanding of the Star Cards

Develop a deepened perspective on what each Star Card clearing or activation means.
Please note: cards are listed in alphabetical order.
(I am diligently working on the write-ups for all 67 cards. Your patience is appreciated as I complete this project.)


“I invoke belonging.”

Feeling disconnected? Lonely? Isolated? Out of place? Not quite sure where you fit in or how? Having a hard time relating to others?

Your higher self wants you to remember that you are here, therefore you belong.

No matter where you are or who you are with – this innate sense of belonging is yours to be experienced.

Fully arrive. Take up space. Celebrate this life. Love yourself. Be here now. This moment is precious.


“I clear doubt.”

Are you questioning yourself? Your intuition? Your gut instincts? Are you doubting another person? A situation?

Your higher self wants you to know that as a human being you have been gifted with an intelligence that extends far beyond the five senses of your body. You are constantly being guided by the seen and unseen world. There are no mistakes to be made. You are on the right path.

As you release doubt energy you will once again connect to your authentic self-esteem. You will feel confident in your choices. You will feel sure of yourself and the unfolding of your life. You’ll stop questioning the behavior of others and will release any need to control life. You’ll trust yourself 100%.


“I clear fear.” 

The clear fear card indicates you are holding onto unnecessary fear at the moment. It can also mean, someone close to you is fearful or a situation you are involved with is expressing fear energy.

Healthy fear works to keep us safe when our survival is threatened – like when a tiger is chasing us. However, unhealthy fear can paralyze us.

It’s important to ask yourself now if the fear you are sensing is an accurate response to a truly dangerous situation? My guess is – no. Your higher self wants you to clear fear. Your fear is likely the result of your ego feeling threatened. Are you going through significant change? Are you moving into the unknown? Are you doing something that goes against your “rules”? All of these possibilities can trigger the fear response in your ego.

Simply clear the fear and have a sweet conversation with your ego to let it know you’ve got this.



“I clear stagnation.” 

The clear stagnation card indicates that there is blocked up energy in your body, mind, heart and/or soul right now that is keeping you feeling stuck, heavy, lethargic, and incapable of moving forward in your life in a positive way. It can also indicate external energy between you and another person or situation.

Why does energy become stagnated? Because its natural flow at some point was inhibited. Are there certain emotions you don’t want to feel? Are you fearful of following your authentic path in lieu of disappointing other people? Are you resentful – holding onto old grudges? Maybe you are attached or addicted to negative, dense thought patterns that go against your true nature. These are just a few possible ways we create energetic stagnation in our systems.

When you clear stagnation your energy will begin to flow with greater ease. You’ll feel lighter. You’ll experience mobility, fluidity and grace as you take action serving in your highest and best interest.


“I invoke trust.”

Life is a living, breathing, changing miracle. So why question it? Why resist it? Why be fearful of it’s unfolding?

Instead, trust life. Lean into the unknown. Give up the need to control what you can’t control.

Your higher self can see the big picture. It is asking you to relax and trust. Your stress levels will decrease and you’ll notice a significant increase in sycronistic, positive occurrences in your life.

Simply trust that all is well.

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