Star Cards

The bridge between you and your highest self.

Ask a question. Pick a card.

Download insight from your highest self.

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When I pause, breathe and connect with the star cards, I feel I am connecting with my intuition, my inner knowing. The simplicity and poignancy of the star cards make for clear, concise messages that come straight from that place of inner knowing. I find these cards are a beautiful way to work with tuning into that place inside & learning to trust it.
Jessa Walters

MA, E-RYT, Evolutionary Astrologer

Experience the Star Cards magic right now. Click here for instant guidance.

I designed the Star Cards to act as a bridge between our everyday/ego self and our divine/highest self. Sometimes we get stuck, confused, blocked up, uninspired and disconnected from our inner-knowing. We need help to see things clearly and align once again with our truth. This is where the Star Cards come in.

How they work:

As you hold the deck in your hands an energetic shift occurs to align you with your highest self. This shift happens instantly and without any effort on your part. It is simply how they were designed to work. Once aligned, the Star Cards become the voice of your divine self. Ask a question, blow it into the deck (recommended to infuse the essential energy of your question more fully into the cards), and pick a card (or three). An “Invoke” card indicates you need to activate something. Say, “I invoke _______.” Take a deep breath in and out. Feel an infusion of energy. A “Clear” card indicates you need to release something. Say, “I clear _______.” Take a deep breath in and exhale it out through an open mouth to let it go. As you invoke and/or clear your energy you will return to your most authentic state of being. In this state you are able to take empowered action in your life that serves in your highest and best interest.

Where the words on the cards come from:

I designed the deck around the ancient wisdom of the chakra system. Each card features a specific energetic quality that relates to one of the seven chakras. I’ve included both “positives” and “negatives” for each chakra. For instance, when our root chakra is functioning in a healthy way we feel grounded in our bodies, connected to the earth, and like we belong. When our root chakra is blocked we may experience a sense of not being supported and loneliness. Thus, in the Star Card deck you’ll find an “Invoke” card for belonging and a “Clear” card for loneliness. The medicine these cards provide is deep – helping you adjust your core energy matrix time and time again.

P.S. On this new design of the Star Cards (November 2018) – the chakra that each card relates to is indicated by the color of the “invoke” or “clear” circle at the top. Deepen your experience while working with the cards by tuning into the relating chakra! Refer to the “Chakra Card” in the deck for more info.

Card Specs: 2.75″ x 2.75″ 68 cards total in deck made in the moment with love

Experience the Star Cards magic right now. Click here for instant guidance.

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The Star Cards were amazingly accurate and allowed me to contemplate what to clear and what to invoke in my life. Play with these cards with friends, it brings about some interesting conversations!
Laura Hallen


I love everything about Amy’s Star Cards, from the size to really hold them and connect to the magnificent energy and thoughtfulness that emanates from them to the feeling of asking a question and receiving an invoking or clearing action.

Experience the Star Cards magic right now. Click here for instant guidance.


Want to expand your understanding of the individual Star Cards?

I am diligently working on the write-ups for all 68 cards. Your patience is appreciated as I complete this project.

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